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As a roofing company that operates for over 15 years, we strive to stay updated on evolving trends and modern
roofing solutions in the roofing industry. If you are looking for a company that knows the ins and outs of the
roofing business, Leawood Roofing Company is the one you are searching for.

As of today, different roof types has emerged, and various roof trends become more popular. As we all know,
the primary purpose of any roof type is to provide homeowners, residential and commercial property owners
with the kind of protection they needed especially from nature’s ferocity. However, modernized roofing
materials or solutions don’t just offer protection but also adds a high-class value to every industrial building,
including homes and other premises. 

Since modern roof trends have emerged to suit their purpose, a roofing company should ensure the installation,
quality of the material, and maintenance services. So, we came up with the objective of providing every one of
the basic information and the idea of modern roofing solutions/ services we are specialized on.

In the advancement of roofing technology, we believe that we can accommodate all your roofing needs. We’ve
outlined our services according to what’s popular today.

Our TPO Roofing Services
TPO roofs are trendy today and the most common type of roof for commercial facilities. Although TPO roofs
are protecting establishments for many years, they are relatively improving and evolving over time. As a matter
of fact, if high-standard materials are used, it can surely provide excellent protection featuring an authentic and
elegant white top.
As your local roofers, we promise only to provide top-quality TPO roofing services. We can guarantee 100%
satisfaction in the most affordable TPO roofing installation, inspection, and repair services. To get a clear idea
about our professional approach to our services, kindly give us a call.
Our Asphalt Roofing Services
Slate and tile roofs are said to be beautiful and durable. However, they are far less popular than asphalt roofs.
Asphalt roofs’ modern designs in quality materials are made to last. One of the best features of asphalt shingles

today is their improved performance in stability and durability. Plus, modern asphalt roofs come in various
designs and colors that surely complement your commercial establishments or, particularly, your home.
Leawood Roofing Company is your experienced asphalt roof repair, installation, and inspection contractor.
We provide the most commonly used for residential and commercial establishments roofing. Not just they are
common, but also affordable, reliable, and modernized asphalt roofing materials. You may want to know more
about its benefits, styles, designs, textures, etc. Please give us a call.
Our Metal Roofs Services
Commercial business owners are now trending towards modern metal roofs. Everyone can enjoy the benefit of
the metal roof’s green standard featuring its added elegant appeal, cool natural finish, bright paint colors while
keeping its durability and long-lasting life. Aside from those benefits mentioned, metals are a great green
building option. The sustainability of this type of roof goes hand in hand with modernized design and high-
quality materials.
With so many metal roofing materials and services available in the market today, there’s no other company to
rely on than us. To perfectly upgrade your home or commercial facilities, you can always have our modernized
metal roofing materials. Our metal roofs are not only beautiful it also leads the roofing industry for hail and fire-
resistance ratings. Other than that, we are also top roofing experts for your metal roof installation, repair, and
inspection services.
Our Roof Inspection Services
If you’re concerned about the condition of your roof, do not hesitate to call the best roofing company in your
area. It goes without saying that if you keep your roof maintained and sound, it will help you save your money
and provide a secure environment for you and your family. 
Get the answer to every question you have regarding your roof’s condition from our professional roof
inspectors. We can guarantee you peace of mind and excellent roof inspection services!
Our Roof Repair Services
Everyone wants to keep their roofs in good condition. Just like them, you may have the same wish in your heart.
If you want to protect your family and belongings, we suggest that you get started by having your roof
maintained. And don’t worry, you’re not wasting your money having your roof repaired. You’re actually saving
money avoiding expensive replacement while extending the life condition of your roof.

Getting your roof repaired with our professionals secures the protection needed to keep your family safe and
sound from extreme weather. Receive regular maintenance services to preserve the life of your roof and to keep
them in great condition continually.

When You Should Call A Professional

Anytime is always a good time! If you’re in need of roofing services, it will be fantastic to call for help
immediately. Learn more about our roofing projects and give your home the makeover it deserves.

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