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TPO Roofing

Most commercial premises are going for TPO roofs due to their ability to save energy and longevity. Thermoplastic polyolefin (TPO) can be defined as a roofing membrane that consists of ethylene propylene rubber. These three components are combined through chemical processes. This membrane creates a very appealing surface on the roof. Before setting up the TPO, substances such as talc, fiberglass, and carbon filler are usually added to add durability. The TPO roofing system is a nice replacement for the rubber roofing system since it’s very energy-efficient, cost-effective, and more durable.

There are different types of TPO roofing options that come with different thicknesses, colors, and widths. The most common colors are black, white, and light gray. Of all colors, the white ones are the cheapest and most energy-efficient since they can reflect the sun easily.

Asphalt Roofing

As far as choosing a roofing material is concerned, you surely have many choices including slate, clay tile, metal, and cedar shake. Yet, chances are bright that most of your neighbors and friends have opted for asphalt roofing. Is this a coincidence? No, it is simply because no other material can match the benefits that an asphalt roof offers. This perhaps is also the reason why popular roof installers like Leawood Roofing Company too prefer asphalt over the other materials.

If you consider asphalt for your roofing you definitely will not go wrong, and in fact, you will love the benefits it offers. Certainly, you must be keen on learning about these benefits, so, let us discover them without delay.

Metal Roofing

Metal roofing has gained a lot of popularity across the world due to its numerous benefits. Those building new houses or replacing their roofs are considering these kinds of roofs. However, there are different types of materials used for metal roofing. The different types are characterized by their appearance and cost. For instance, aluminum is very cost-effective and durable at the same time while galvanized steel has proven to have a long life. For those looking for more attractive metal roofing materials, then zinc is the best option to go for. All these metal roofing materials are all durable and beneficial to your home. Below are some benefits of metal roofing:

Roof Inspection

Effective roof inspection involves practices, such as roof leaks, organic growth issues, severe wear and tear, improper attic insulation, proper flashing, and subsequent repairs. Roof inspections involve specialized tools and equipment. Therefore, homeowners should avoid the DIY approach because they lack proper essentials. It’s a great idea to hire Leawood roofing company because they provide excellent results when it comes to roof inspection. There are various reasons why you should hire professional roofers to conduct a proper roof inspection. For instance, a competent roofer will use valid roof inspection strategies until you’re satisfied. In addition, effective roof inspection plays a great role in lowering your overall roof maintenance costs, specifically in the long run basis.

Roof Repair

Roof repair is a fundamental service that improves the longevity, aesthetic value, and curb appeal of your home. Repairing your roof requires certain qualifications and skills. Therefore, it’s important to hire Leawood Roofing Company. There are numerous reasons why you should hire these professionals. For instance, Leawood roofers have enough professionalism in this industry. Hiring these reliable roofers is worth it. You should consider professional services because the do it yourself approach will be time-consuming and costly. Also, the do it yourself approach can cause more roof damages, property damages, and health problems. Your roof can be damaged by various factors, such as hail storms, improper installation, strong winds, high temperatures, aging roofing, and sub-roofing material, rainfall.

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We had a roofing emergency in the middle of the night. We called several roofing companies but only Leawood Roofing Company came. The technicians are very polite and professional. Highly recommended company!
James L.
We just bought a commercial property and we were confused which roofing system is the best. We called Leawood Roofing Company and they didn’t disappoint. They are very knowledgeable and handled our roofing needs properly. We couldn’t be happier. Good job guys!
Kelly S.
No other roofing company can protect your property other than Leawood Roofing Company. I am amazed at their customer service and the quality of their services. The best part is, they offer free estimates with any roofing services you need. If you are looking for a professional roofing company in Leawood Kansas, I highly recommend Leawood Roofing Company!
Lori D.